“I think that it shows that women are important. Women’s feelings, thoughts, and desires are important.”
— Rebecca J. Haymond, reader
“The film was fantastic. Beverly Jenkins is awe inspiring... The film is definitely something even non-romance-readers would enjoy!”
— Jan Leyh, romance writer
Amazing. It was incredible… The community of women really surprised me!
— Dina Reeves, romance reader
“My husband, who works on Capitol Hill— he didn’t really have a good idea of what I did as a romance writer... After viewing your documentary, my husband carries my books in his car. And he promotes my books everywhere he goes— including on the Hill. So thank you very much.”
— Siera London, romance writer
It was refreshing to see a journalistic viewpoint that actually tried to dive deep into what makes romance such a popular and powerful industry from so many different perspectives…
Overall, I found the film uplifting and inspirational — an intimate look into what it’s like the be an author and reader in a unique space.
— Jeannie Lin, romance writer
What a wonderful heartfelt movie! I just loved every second of it. One of the best documentaries ever. I dont read romance novels but this movie has inspired me to try some. Any one who likes to read will get something enjoyable out of this movie.
— Amazon reviewer
A fascinating look at the romance publishing industry, the voracious readers who fuel it and the bright, savvy authors who create the novels that populate it. You’ll never look down your nose at a romance reader or author again!
— Amazon review