1.     Mail you some posters! You can post these at bookstores and in the neighborhoods you are targeting.

2.     Mail you some postcards! You can hand these out at events -- and ask friends to help distribute them. They have the Love Between the Covers poster image on one side and you can put your screening information on the other side.

3.     We’ll post a link to your event page on our Love Between the Covers website, Facebook, and Twitter.

4.     And send you reviews of the film that you can share with your community, to generate interest! To read some, check out our Press Page:



1.     Check out our
comprehensive toolkits > > >

Both are full of tips, step-by-step instructions, and templates for email, social media – and even a press release.

2.     Call your local press: newspapers, radio station, TV stations, and bloggers!  And don’t forget college stations.

3.     Ask our screening team ( if you live near any of our interviewees. Chances are, they will be glad to help publicize the event by speaking to the press.

4.     Several weeks before the screening, try to get a local reviewer to watch and review the film.

5.     Contact local book clubs, romance fan groups, and writers’ groups. Avid readers will be excited to come out and see the film!  Encourage them to bring their families, friends, and colleagues.

6.     Publicize your event as a celebration – perhaps Galentine’s Day, or a special Girls’ Night Out.

7.     If there is a college or university in your town, contact their women’s studies, literature, pop culture, and film departments. Ask them to help spread the word.

8.     If you have relationships with other local organizations, reach out to them as well!  Love Between the Covers is a film about women’s lives, and women’s work.  Audiences outside the romance community have given the film great reviews.

9.     If you plan on holding a Q&A session before or after the film, consider contacting local romance writers to speak at your event. These writers can also help you get the word out.

10.  Create a Facebook event page for your screening. Post about your event frequently on Facebook and Twitter, using these tags: #LBTCScreenathon, @LoveBTCFilm (and for theatrical screenings, @TuggInc and #TuggInc)

11.  If you are hosting a theatrical screening with Tugg, visit Tugg School for more ideas, including:

  • Updating your screening attendees through the “Message Followers” function
  • Inviting 5 friends, and asking each to invite 5 more
  • Buying a few tickets yourself, giving them to local businesses, and encouraging them to spread the word